3 WAYS WE ARE changing time tracking

What started as a dorm room project exploded into an internet sensation!

In a modest dorm room, the seed of Pedals was sown as a vision to revolutionize time tracking. With unwavering determination, the founders tirelessly toiled, dedicating countless hours to crafting the sophisticated software architecture that would power Pedals. They poured their hearts and minds into every line of code, overcoming challenges and refining features to ensure a seamless user experience. Through iterative development and rigorous testing, Pedals gradually emerged as a robust and intuitive time tracking solution, capturing the attention of users worldwide. Today, Pedals stands as a testament to their passion and hard work, making its mark as a widely embraced and indispensable tool for individuals and teams seeking efficient time management solutions.

As Pedals gained traction, its growth became unstoppable, surpassing all expectations. Users from diverse industries flocked to embrace its seamless time tracking capabilities, fueling exponential growth in user adoption. The demand for Pedals soared, prompting the expansion of its talented team and infrastructure to ensure continued excellence in service and innovation. With each passing milestone, Pedals solidified its position as a market leader, continuously evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of its global user base. Today, Pedals proudly serves millions of users worldwide, empowering them to unlock their true productivity potential and redefine the way they manage their time.

how we do it

Attracting users

Pedals captivates users with its intuitive interface, extensive feature set, and seamless user experience, making time tracking a breeze. By offering a versatile and user-friendly solution, Pedals entices individuals and teams alike, drawing them in with its ability to effortlessly enhance productivity and optimize time management practices.


Pedals follows a meticulous hiring plan, sourcing top talent from diverse backgrounds and industries to fuel its growth and innovation. By emphasizing a culture of collaboration, continuous learning, and professional development, Pedals attracts the best and brightest individuals who are passionate about revolutionizing the way we track and manage time.

Why time tracking

Driven by a personal encounter with the frustrations of a faulty time tracking software, Pedals' founders embarked on a mission to redefine the industry. Their unwavering passion was ignited by a collective determination to spare others from the headaches and inefficiencies they once endured. Fuelled by a shared vision, they channeled their expertise and commitment into developing Pedals, a game-changing solution that empowers individuals and organizations to reclaim control over their time.

Getting investment

Pedals experienced an exceptional response during its first round of funding, attracting widespread investor interest and support. The visionary concept, coupled with a robust business plan and demonstrated market demand, enabled Pedals to secure a substantial amount of funding. This initial round of funding provided the necessary resources to propel Pedals' growth, expand its team, and further innovate its time tracking solution.

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